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We know: it’s tough to think green – or really, think at all – when we’re sweating our brains out in the Singapore heat. There’s a reason why Lee Kuan Yew once said that air conditioning enabled Singapore’s success, after all.

But while the aircon might be a building block of our humid red dot, it’s no secret that it’s not so cool for the earth.

The facts: air-conditioning accounts for nearly 20 per cent of Singapore’s CO2 emissions , with a standard two-kW aircon unit in your room producing 1.4 tonnes of earth-warming emissions a year – and that’s if you use it just 20 days a month.

Worldwide, air-conditioning emits a hefty two billion tonnes of CO2 a year. But if you want to keep cool at home while keeping the planet cool in the long run, the good news is you can – it just calls for something out-of-the-box.

Now that we’re all working from home, here’s a look at some eco-friendly aircon alternatives that might just slash your utility bills too.

1. For the whole house: Solar-powered aircon

Sunshine is one thing Singapore has no shortage of, and one locally invented aircon is turning it into a superpower. Recently developed by Ecoline Solar in collaboration with engineers from the National University of Singapore, their game-changing hybrid aircon is powered by solar heat.

Vacuum tubes on its surface, filled with a novel medium, absorb solar energy and ambient heat, harnessing them in place of electricity to compress refrigerant gas. Not only does this mean a lower carbon footprint, your electricity bills will thank you in the long run too.

Companies like Starhub and NCS Singtel have already hopped aboard the green bandwagon, and they’ve got a range of products suitable for homes too, including wall-mounted systems and portable options.

Check out Ecoline Solar here .