Here’s what Ecoline Solar does to help to save the earth

It just works!

Our patented revolutionary technology that reduces up to 55% of energy consumption while you chill and relax in the comfort of your home and office.

The #1 green cooling system. 

Using proprietary vacuum tubes to harness renewable heat from the surrounding and the condenser unit to increase energy savings. Requires only 20C of heat to work.

Recognised locally and worldwide

ASEAN Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award 2019

IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award 2019

Winner of Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award 2019

Complements solar PV system

With increasing interest in renewable energy, SLE ( super new energy ) and NZE ( net zero energy ) buildings our AC technology complements solar PV systems.

Works at night too

Our thermal hybrid AC system uses heat as an alternative source. By harnessing rejected from the condensers, energy savings continues at night.

Cost effective cooling

ROI is less than 2 years.


Satisfied customers over the past installations and different fit-outs across Singapore and around the region.


Benefits of Ecoline Solar

Why Us?

Increased sustainability and reduction in greenhouse emissions

Reduced energy consumption spanning 30% to 55%

No additional moving parts and small footprint 

Peak demand reduction

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